In law, an expungement is the process by which a record of criminal conviction is destroyed or sealed from a State or Federal record. While this can be a bit of a process, Alpha Law Group can help. Find out today how we can go about getting you the criminal record free life you deserve.

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Clearing Your Path Forward

Reclaiming Your Future with Legal Expertise

In the journey of life, mistakes shouldn’t define your future. At Alpha Law Group, we specialize in expungement law, helping individuals clear their records of past convictions or charges. Our compassionate and skilled legal team understands a criminal record’s profound impact on your life, from employment opportunities to personal relationships. We are dedicated to guiding you through the expungement process with confidentiality, respect, and a commitment to achieving the best possible outcome.

Our Expungement Legal Services Include:

  • Eligibility Assessment: We start with a detailed analysis of your case to determine your eligibility for expungement under the current laws and regulations.

  • Streamlined Legal Process: Our attorneys handle all aspects of your expungement petition, from preparing and filing the necessary documents to representing you in court if required.

  • Guidance and Support: We provide comprehensive guidance throughout the expungement process, keeping you informed and empowered at every step.

  • Post-Expungement Advice: After a successful expungement, we offer advice on how to manage your cleared record, including how to address it in job applications and other areas of life.

Why Choose Alpha Law Group for Expungement?

  • Dedicated Expertise: Our lawyers are well-versed in the nuances of expungement law, ensuring a knowledgeable and effective approach to your case.
  • Personalized Attention: We treat your case with the individual care and discretion it deserves, understanding the sensitivity and importance of clearing your record.
  • Result-Oriented Approach: Our goal is to provide a smooth and successful expungement process, helping you move forward with a clean slate.
  • Confidential and Respectful Service: We uphold the highest standards of confidentiality and respect for your privacy throughout the expungement process.

If you’re looking to erase the burden of a past conviction or charge and open new doors for your future, Alpha Law Group is here to help. Contact us today for a confidential consultation, and take the first step towards restoring your good name and peace of mind.


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“Im so happy with the team atAlpha Law Group! The entire staff is so welcoming, professional and are all outstanding advocates. I’m especially grateful for my handling attorney and their services. “


Thomas A

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“Im so happy with the team atAlpha Law Group! The entire staff is so welcoming, professional and are all outstanding advocates. I’m especially grateful for my handling attorney and their services. “


Jeson S

Juhin A